What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content stays fresh for a long period of time. Many things in the world are dynamic and as soon as you write about them, the information might be outdated already. For example, if you write about a movie's IMDb rating, you can rest assure that only shortly after, the rating will have changed, rendering your article outdated. WebKnox Evergreen JS will help you solve that problem.

How does it work?

Sample Text - everything in green is dynamic content:
The capital of Scotland is capital scotland and has a population of population edinburgh. The movie Braveheart (directed by director Braveheart) takes place in Scotland and grossed $gross Braveheart so far. With and IMDb rating of imdb rating Braveheart, the movie deserved its Oscar for the best movie.
Try it yourself! Change the text below and click "keep fresh" to change the text above. The text inside the span with the "evergreen" class should describe what you want at that place. WebKnox tries to understand that and give you the right values. If it doesn't work try to reformulate the text a bit.
keep fresh

Install and Use!